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Show Location: 333 Gibson St. - Enter Under Ramp

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Exhibitor Requirements & Responsibilities:
The Holidaze Art Festival is open to fine artists and crafts people who display works of original design that are executed by the artist. Please check the general categories on the application that most closely applies to your work.

Unacceptable Works Include:
Mass produced | commercial or imported products | copies
| kits | molded or prefabricated works

Repeat artists are not required to submit photographs unless you are planning on bringing new designs. If you have new work that you want us to consider using your work in our advertising please submit with your application.

New Artists to the festival must submit several images of their work as 4" x 6" prints or electronically as JPG's. Images can be burned to a CD or emailed via the http://www.holidazearts.com website. Images sh0uld be labeled with the artists name, media, and a name or general description of the piece.

If accepted into the festival a random sampling of artist's works may be displayed on a Gallery page of the website with the artist's approval.

Applications will be judged by the quality of the images submitted. Festival representatives will expect that the works submitted for consideration will represent the overall quality of the pieces artists will be displaying/selling. Only items representative of the juried media created by the artist can be sold. The arts festival committee has the right to reject items not juried into the festival.

Display and Setup
Each booth space is approximately 8' deep x 12' wide and all displays and materials must fit into the booth space. Artists are responsible for providing their own display materials. The Convention Center will be available for setup at 8:00a.m. on Friday and all exhibits must be set and in place by 2:00p.m. Artists must oversee their exhibit at all times and display their work for the duration of the Festival. Failure to abide by this requirement will constitute automatic rejection from future Holidaze Arts Festivals.

Exhibitor Requirements and Responsibilities
Each entrant must provide his/her own display materials, handle sales and collect sales tax. All proceeds go to the artists. Each artist is responsible for collecting and reporting the 5.5% Wisconsin and Eau Claire County sales tax.
To obtain a Wisconsin Sales Tax Number contact:
Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Division; Department of Revenue 608-266-2772
PO Box 8902, Madison, WI 53708-8902 www.revenue.wi.gov

Exhibit Fee Includes:
- 8' deep x 12' wide booth space (some 10' x 10' or odd sized spaces may be available)
- Chairs will be available on a first come first serve basis at no charge during setup hours
- Electrical service (please have any extension cords needed to power your booth.)
- Festival marketing and promotion
- Festival setup and entertainment

- 8' Folding Table (table skirts to be provided by exhibitor)

Booth Location Criteria

Qualified Artists will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
Booth assignments will be made as artists sign up and will be fine tuned for best flow shortly before the show in 2016.

Accepted Artists will get the booth assigned based on the following criteria:
1. Artists that participated in last year's show and want the same booth space will be locked in after they have paid for their space.

2. Artists that participated in last years show and want a different booth will be given the best available space based on other requests.

3. Artists that did not participate in the last year of the show but have in prior years will be given the best space available based on their preferences.

4. New artists will be assigned the best available space based on the order that they applied to the show.

With the early registrataion opportunity we have added a cancellation option that will get you
most of your registration fee back if you need to cancel due to an unforseen event. A $20.00 handling fee will be assessed if cancellation is made more than 30 days from the show.

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Mail Applications and Correspondence to: Holidaze Arts Festival | 529 Hobart St. | Eau Claire, WI 54703
Fax: (715)835-1915 | Phone: (715) 832-6942